Monday, December 8, 2008

Doctor John Kenneth Kiss is a spunk!

Growing up in rural north Queensland, Australia, I was taught that 'real men' only liked women and lived respectable lives, getting married at a young age and raising a family. It never worked for me.

I liked women .... and I liked men and I never got why this was such a big issue.

When I went to live in south Queensland, in a town called Warwick, Rodeo capital, I had a few health issues (I was diagnosed with 'Schizophrenia' or 'Clinical Depression' or something).

Hospital stays, medication, E.C.T. treatment ... what a bore!

But I had a great Doctor and he was good to me; he listened and was kindhearted. I loved the guy; I could never relate to my Father that well and John filled the role in some ways.

I was pretty lonely living in a small town and I craved company. Oneday I told John how much I wanted to be close to him and you can guess the fallout that happened from this. I was dragged back in to hospital and had police questioning and stalking charges and was treated like a piece of human garbage.

I admit, I wasn't very polite in some of my communication with John and I went against 'accepted morality' but I did tell him the truth. I loved him fiercely and I wanted him and the only perspective that third parties saw was my 'unacceptable behavior' etc.

Still waiting on a court decision but I have not changed my mind about Doctor Kiss. I'm sure that he is not perfectly straight or straight-laced and I'm not ashamed about how I feel concerning him. I wasn't trying to break up his family; I genuinely loved the man and decided that I had the right to tell his so.

Doctor Kiss, you are beautiful.

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