Thursday, December 11, 2008

You must not say God if you are not in our love

You must not say God,
You must not talk about the love of spirit,
You do not fit in to the good team,
You have a bad attitude and green tresses,
You made love to your Doctor in your head (in joke),
You listened to an album with a goat's head,
You disobeyed your Father who beat you senseless,
You didn't own the right Bible and I am sure ....
That God would not accept you anyway,
As you are unmarried and unwashed and defiled,
You loved the man who was somebody's Grandad,
And you told the world how good it felt,
And how it lasted and continued on,
That group shot out a Fatwa,
And that 'team' sold cakes for charity,
But had crystal vases in the rectory,
.... but God loves them more ...
More than you, who are not blessed,
And more than you who is undressed...
You must NOT say God if you are not in our love,

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