Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saving Families

Do you know what I don't always like about this modern world of ours? The devaluing of families. There will always be problems with conservative models. Maybe they outdate themselves at times. But the principles behind the family unit are timeless.

I have to admit that I have a big mouth at times and I say many controversial things on the Internet. I was a famous blogger on Madonna's website for awhile and got 'spanked' on occasion for being loud. Some did not like this about me.

I have talked a lot on this website about a man that I think the world of. His name is Doctor John Kiss and from spending some time with this man I feel that he is probably a man with strong family values.

Before I talk more about John, I just wanted to say something about my own family. I never had them and I grew up in another family unit and often felt angry that I wasn't able to know my own family. I still miss my parents, my Dad especially.

I grew up in rural Queensland in Australia and admired some of the men who lived in my community. Identities such as Queensland opposition leader, Lawrence Springborg and the abovementioned Doctor John Kiss figured highly in my esteem. But I knew that I could never be quite like them.

I'm not someone who is fond of political division and I avoid labels and extremist values where possible. I think that most people are complicated on some level and I think this should be respected.

I am always going to be an outsider in some ways I think but I will say this. I am not ashamed of who I am and am proud of my unique qualities and my views on life.

So it is without shame that I admit that I had a strong love for my former Doctor, John Kiss. I admit that I behaved badly in regards to him and I did not show him proper respect always. But one thing I never forgot during these last few years is the fact that I never wanted to be a problem for John and his family.

I may have to spend a life of sadness when it comes to my love for this man. I don't strictly accept the label of 'homosexual'. I think it is an incomplete term. And my regard for Doctor Kiss was not always rooted in physical passion. I felt a brotherhood with him and I miss his warmth and his care.

I think that we have a duty to protect families in this ever changing world. I guess I will do my bit by keeping my distance from John and respecting his choices and his family life. It breaks my heart because I saw him as a valued friend and someone I could confide in. Maybe I was mistaken but I loved him.

May God always bless your family and may we all have the peace and comfort of a loving family.

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