Thursday, December 11, 2008

I followed my gut

You cannot trust your instincts!
Says who?
I did not turn right but head back for the mall,
I did not call my Sister as her condescension rang,
The subtlety of gross behaviors gave a hunch,
We will love you again in five don't be precious,
And Jesus said to forgive, forgive, forgive,
Thrash him again and tell how bad his name is,
I did not like the man who gave me sweets and smiled,
He had the right suit on and the choir sang sweetly,
But I felt that he was not the full ticket,
So I gobbled sugary favors and ran, ran away.
Then you lost your phone, and the contact died.
But I felt that maybe there was a purpose,
Perhaps the Universe really does know its ways,
And the fickle lads who bent right then left,
Just may understand more than you about things.
He screamed to the heavens of his love for vice,
But was it really? Did he follow his own drummer?
And you sneered and told more lies ... made it up.
She went from black to green and read other tomes,
And you shook your head and blasted the Gospels,
I don't eat, and then I do, and then I sex it,
And then I pat a dog and leave your ways untouched,
Say 'hello' and bless the fortunes for taking,
Looking right, left, right and voting same,
And denying my words as being true as it was yesterday,
I loved you but you now look wrong with a dirty tie,
You are naked in my arms but your love has lost spice,
As that picture of the boyfriend in fables lost,
Is now on my mind and I have changed ...
But what you said at the altar must live on,
Perhaps ... but I don't feel that good ...
And I am not liking your sad ways and your eyes,
And that slight tic and the unseen and the unspoken.
You give yourself away by silence and a slight ghosting,
You did not say 'away!' I chose ... I fled .... I am gone.
Love the family, but they rotted away....
Be kind to the 'Gods' ... I gave them milk then left,
For good .... on the bus for Brighton ... just so
I could eat any d*mn flavored gelati I wanted right then!
..... sway, sing, love, hate, change, deny, bless ... in no rational order,
I followed my gut... x

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