Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I lost my parents as a kid.

They didn't care .... not really.
They had better things to do.
No child for us, we are busy, and in a different world.
Go cope and be emotionally balanced when you hit 21.

Don't blame us for failing, you don't have the right to be p*ssed off!
We were from the London scene ... it was the love groupers turn.
You must not say that we were wrong or out of touch.
You are a child of the gutter ..... a throw away piece of garbage!

And other people will look after you, congratulate them!
So, you ended up hating their guts and hating their deceit.
They lied to you for years about the truth.
But that is O.K. That is normal, you should love them!

And now you rot in poverty and don't really cope so well,
You don't work and eat sh*tty food.
You have lived on the streets and have been kicked.
Go away ...... go f*ck a tree! The End.

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