Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am on death row ....

I killed twenty nine people,
I hate someone's head,
I wss the nice man in the suit who killed daughters,
and sons, and mothers and the elderly,
I bashed and I raped and I molested,
And I ate his kidney stone and I bled from the mouth,
You hate me and the world wants an end now!!
I am am locked in a tiny cell and I rot,
And eat crap food and have dumb lawyers ...
Who yell for a reprieve and 'more time'.
Of course I should die,
Avenge the twenty nine people,
And their families,
Vomit up the head that I ate,
With the brussel sprouts and beans,
And then, as they shove the injection in,
Ask yourself this .....
'How the hell did he become this way?',
Could life have played a hand?,
The rules that said 'you must not love a boy',
The cruelty of the children in playground games,
Or a heart that was hard from the start ...
For some explicit reason ....
Go ahead and kill the monster then,
But never forget the pain ...... R.I.P.

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