Thursday, December 11, 2008

You are sick and you can die!

So, you are sick?
A bit wayward in the mind ...
But we shall listen for awhile,
Then doubt ... then discard.

The qualified man in the white coat is a sh*thead!
And arrogant! And we are busy and not rich,
But hey, those holidays and the nice car,
And then we save stacks and we ignore.

Too bad for the past mistakes ...
That WE made ... and no, you are fine,
NOT sick .... just 'bad' or stupid,
Go away the family is hugging itself.

Don't tell me I didn't care!
You got gifts from me on a rare day,
I was fair about you, you suckhead!
I poisoned the rest about you too!

I lied about you and bashed ..
Your reputation ... then,
pretended to be a friend,
And said 'let's look for a flat'.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!
The guilty go unpunished,
And the ones who should no better...
Laugh themselves at plays.

'Of course we are close'..
'He is just difficult' ..
And then you leave for others,
And you get sh*tty when you are wrong.

'Attention seeker!'.. 'Always in strife',
'I'm sick of this .. and sick of you!',
'Perhaps the Doctor was right after all?'
'Too bad!!.. You are sick and you can DIE!!'

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