Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Give Lawrence Springborg a go!

I rarely vote for Conservative parties. To be honest, I am not a big fan of the Labor party either, (Australia), but one thing I will say about politics, after living in Queensland, is that I think that one Lawrence Springborg deserves a chance at being Premier of Queensland.

He may not always be perfect in his speech and he often gets shot at by the Premier, Anna Bligh for his less than perfect language at times. But one thing I will say about Mister Springborg is that he is a good man and has his heart in the right place.

When I was having problems getting medical treatment, it was Mister Springborg's office who offered assistance. When I was having trouble with the Australian media and their attacks on my private life at times, it was Mister Springborg's office who offered me a hand.

And do you know why I am so impressed by the Springborg team's assistance? Largely because my problems and issues were way out of the conservative zone. I was reported as being a 'homosexual' and somewhat of a trouble maker but the Springborg office still gave me time and listened to my story.

I will be forever grateful that Mister Springborg wrote to then Labor Ministers on my behalf and I knew from that occasion that this is a man who is big enough to straddle both sides of the political fence.

He has a goodness about him and reminds me a bit of Barack Obama. I think that Lawrence has sound ethics and a good attitude to life. Sure, his mouth runs away with him at times ... Pinocchio indeed Sir. But Lawrence is the man, I'm sure of that!

May God bless the Springborgs and may Lawrence be the next Premier of Queensland.

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trevor said...

I agree! For most of my adult life I have been a Labor supporter. Lawrence is my local member but I always made it clear to him that I did not vote for him - he didn't need my vote anyway, he had a massive majority. That never made a difference to the way he treated me or the requests for help I made to him, he always responded positively and did what he could. Since forced amalgamations, I lost faith in Beattie and Bligh and abandoned the Labor party as unprincipled opportunists. I sincerely hope that, at the next election, the voting public give Lawrence the opportunity to help all Queenslanders. At least he still has integrity.

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