Thursday, December 11, 2008

The men with the money..

The men with the money made the rules ...
They said 'We run the world' and all shall bow,
Sounds like an Old Testament God image,
What happens if they were wrong?

Women cannot have their own minds and lives,
Why not? Maybe there is a reason why?
I have been beaten by women (in ways),
They spat cruelty ..... but so have men.

The men with the money took out a shotgun,
And pointed at the ones who had the Star ...
We kill you as we do not like your religion,
And our money protects us and sanctifies.

Do you go with the flow? Do you not see rules?
Do you thumb your nose at the men with the money?
And the new breed of women who flout hate around?
Do you obey the laws when the flow intends this?

The paper screamed 'Heath Ledger dies today',
Yet what has this got to do with your life?
Why should the stories of now be that true to you?
Sad, but 10000 black children starved with no text on ...

The men with the money decide who is acceptable,
And who shall be held up high in trophied ways,
Don't dare step out of the shadows with your love on,
And do not leave the group as it will be the next headline.

The men with the money ruled the world ......
But the man without a dollar sign died and gave life ...

Goodbye men with the money ...... Goodbye!! x

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