Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why not give up on love?

Why not give up on love?
They will continue to shoot at you!
They will have dark faces and a hearse...
Why not give up on love?

You don't really know him and besides ...
He is a 'He'!! Not good, not good ...
Don't you know that they gassed the gays?
And Hitler nailed pink to their cross!?

Why not give up on love?
Take your heart and vanilla slice it!
Bury it in a cellophane wrapped dream..
That belongs to your parents.

You cannot love a man who is not in line,
He is busy with his life and his own needs,
He does not know you, he cannot help,
You shall burn with the other Dachau men.

NO I SHALL NOT!! I do not care if I lack strength,
I don't want to be Hercules and Mr World,
I am happy to cry over the bleeding heart,
And I am happy to keep smiling at John.

Doctor John Kenneth Kiss ... he is a man of standing,
He holds the Warwick community on his shoulders,
The Rodeo thanks him with wreaths and awards,
He continues to march with muscled suns.

He does, he does .. and I shall love him more,
He is naked in my arms and I kiss his brow,
He turns to me and I do not reject his need,
I do not need to own his inheritance, his grace.

I don't mind if you throw history at me,
The Germans killed the gays ... I'm not,
Sydney marches with the pride ... I don't,
The world turns and changes ... I smile.

I don't need to fit in to the boxes,
I am not beating down the doors,
Shouting my needs and my hunger,
I do not demand love but wait...

I shall be patient and trust the heavens,
I shall smile at the snares and wink,
I shall look up faithfully at him ...
And love Doctor John Kenneth Kiss.

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