Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I slept with a man ... my body wanted this. Maybe my spirit wanted it too?
I turned and saw the lady of beauty. She was milken skinned and lovely to behold.

But I did not go with the lady. I did not talk to her and I did not feel her aura ... not really.

If she had come to me and tapped me on the shoulder and asked for comfort then I would have gone with her .... quite likely. I would have allowed her to be in charge ...

I returned to the man and did not like his vain chat. He had changed .... he had morphed. He was not the same man.

'Why did you look at the lady of beauty?'... 'You should only bow to the Mars world'. I told him to 'F**k Off!' and he simpered for a moment.

'I don't follow rules Nick', Catherine said ... 'I just go with the flow' ...

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