Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why do you not eat son?

You write and do not pay attention,
You smile jauntily at the laborers below,
You stick a tongue up the arse of life,
And blow a bubble and smile a little.

Why do you not eat son?
Why do you poke a nose at the lessons?
And skip sideways back to the other?
Then smile lazily at the naked Goddess.

You do not listen to the older man,
Why should you when he laments?
Why take his path when he has lost,
He wishes to die, you do not need it..

And yet you dream .... and sigh aloud,
To think of him, and touch his breadth,
To hear his sigh and not cage a guilt,
There is no victim or whipped soul.

You are free and you may dance with all,
And keep smiling through idylls of grace,
Keep reaching for that which is 'bad',
And keep living in the full blast of truth...

Why do you not eat son?
Because I prefer to be in love!

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