Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eat sh*t and die!!

I don't care that you 'love' me!
'But I love you', you say.
I don't care that you make concessions for me,
I don't want him jailed I am forgiving,
I don't want your monetary 'gift' then silence...
And insults ... and more 'he is bad' stories.
I don't like your BULLSH*T B*TCH!!
I don't want to have to put up with ...
Your secret lustings for me!
I can intuit what you feel at times,
Or else I am going completely bonkers!
I don't care for your perfect manners
And your tidy married Nirvanac tunes.
And then your 'acceptance' of others,
And your possible own gay affair.
The times are changing... we move on.
Bet you knew the score before this,
I bet you were aware of it all ...
And you just pretended to be 'normal'.
Sure, I was a dirty B*tch ...
And I said that your manhood could be in me,
And I would serve your needs happily,
And maybe I did pick up on your sad vibes...
And found you appealing and f*ckable!
And maybe, just maybe you were intrigued ..
By the 'dirty' minded lad without morals,
Who gets shot at in the polite press,
And who has to put up with the taunts,
We are disappointed and MUST ban you!
And beat you with the punishments etc,
Then be sympathetic a little and leave alone,
Don't lock him away, he is 'troubled' etc, etc.
Well F*CK YOU and Eat sh*t and die!! Hugz. x

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