Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will you pay to love me?

Hookers are bad,
Gigolos are gonna get HIV,
Especially the gay ones ..
I gotta say,
I don't wanna do it with all,
He too fat, she too gross,
They are leathered and vomitous,
You put me out with your crap,
And your 'needs' and lovers,
Dress right, look clean,
And stand on the street corner,
The money is great and big piles,
But you tell me right ... I am sick.
why would you keep up the game?
Keep on gagging on someone's spit,
Why not say 'No' and look for the one,
or ones who give you the best you want,
For no money ..... hey! Love for free,
And be sure that you want it too.
She/He really DOES turn me on .... REALLY!
Still, I would get naked with the Doc... (probably)
And after the climax turn to his happy smile
And say ... 'Will you pay to love me?'

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