Friday, December 12, 2008

The serious science of Courtney Love

I don't care that her mascara runs,
And the daughter saw her death time,
She could have killed old Kurt,
And run off with the pumpkin boy tonight.

Courtney has run a riot race and be that may,
Look at the way her flame dispersed and went away,
When we judge and think we know the answers now,
And see a witch for what she is, the dow...

Up and down and up and down counting out the dough,
Rollingstone and chucking mirrors at the M.L.Ciccone,
Love love love and writing notes to Paul Mcartney,
Lennon would have chucked to see the whore at party.

Suck it, f*ck it, luck it out and tear your brains,
Eric and Melissa and Patty and other bright stains,
Janz my Seattle blues and crack the whi[s in zone,
Love Hate Love Hate Love Hate ... derivative drone ....

Love you Ms Love ......... still

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