Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reaching the end...

Am sick of the door banging,
I don't use a Whirlpool, dirty dacks,
U and your 'I paid $2000'.. ye gads!!
My boy is nine u say, wife gone,
Talk about the dirty lady mags ... cos I have one,
Well so f*cing wot soldier. I ate cock for years,
I don't care that you won't buy me good sh*t,
And say 'I accept people of different sexual orientations',
It sounds cruddy and not very rock 'n' roll,
I don't give a d*mn if yo' Dad says I pleasured him,
And I will tell you honestly that I would eat Madonna's p*ssy,
And you can say I hated fags but we like the parade now,
And I will suck Sharon Stone's tit in front of you ..
Then dream about the man who nears the nursing home,
And how I want to ride him .... and ride him ...
You are sick lad, you are not a nice man .... d*mn right!
You are an animal and crazed and bent ... suck insight!
I'm reaching the end ... prepared to be destroyed,
But who said so? Perhaps God shall smile and say 'Wait' ...

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