Thursday, December 11, 2008

Letter to John

Dear John ... (why does that sound immediately funny?),

Did you know that I looked up to you? I bet you did.. Did you know that my life had been destroyed as I lost my temper with a famous faggot and I got blasted by the Murdoch clan's sometimes politically correct papers? I bet you did.

Did you know that I asked you questions about life and smiled at you as you answered and opened up about you? ... I bet you did. Did you know that Alan, that stupid precious 'poof' was 'helping' me by letting me live at his house and that I paid stupid amounts for the privilege? Maybe you did? ...

Did you know that I was a bit 'damaged' and manipulated by your wonderful health system and that I never claimed to be perfect but just marched straight for your dick? I bet you did ... Do you know that I don't really live right and still think of you sometimes and maybe feel your strange lustings? Who the f*ck knows?

I would like to kick yo' corn pone ass then give it a kiss .. My another world completely ... twisted, and deranged and not something I know boy!!! I bet you did!!

Yours Faithfully Doctor Mister John Kenneth Perfectly Aligned With The Right Gods And Special Interest Groups For Now And Then ........... and kiss my ass baybee, I'm off to perve at the Playboy centrefold and smack whose hand? I bet YOU diD!!!

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