Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sex ...

Magazines, bad porn, Britney flashes the goods,
Internet sleaze, and promises of babes who put out,
And you should like the big breasted blonde,
Real men do and they grope her and look bleary,
Bored .... I fled from the pick up sites,
And I don't look intently and the right dressed ups,
I don't want a contemptuous frown and the park stays dark,
No-one says 'U r hot and we should get down and dirty',
Thanks God for that? But sometimes I wish they would,
Someone appropriate, a hot lady who can teach me,
Someone's Dad in a suit who will unzip and look guilty,
Riding high on the Doctor's lap, it is wrong boy,
Kissing the Nun sideways with slop then ride the priest.
Of course it is wrong, of course you will go to Hell and B-a0d!!!
But I want it .................S E X ................

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