Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Old friends

You should not hate a friend,
This is not possible anyway,
A friend is about love,
The others can be turned away.

I read Hunter S. Thompson,
And gagged at the filth,
I didn't get the legend bit,
And just felt sick, and wan.

What would I know about life?
A friend said to read Mr T,
And I did, and I choked,
A friend indeed, No, no, no!

My friends visited me in sickness,
I did not wish for them to do so,
I was weak with the sweats and visions,
And they patronized and felt good (?).

I do not wish to live forever,
I don't want care if I get awards,
You like me? Big deal ... but
Come closer so I may hug you anyway.

Old friends are never really old,
And they won't let you down,
And they won't give you the sh*ts!
But maybe I am too expectant.

I value my pals, and my buddies,
My friends are close to my heart,
But don't try to change me or be spitting,
The door may be closed but I shall call ends.

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