Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I don't want to be reasonable

I don't want to live in a white house ... with a nice polite fence.
I don't want to see my children graduate with honors and magnum cum laude.
I don't love you and you know it, you are false and taste like cheap candy.
I don't mind if you drag me through the courts and tell the media .. but you fear.

I am not reasonable and I do not always join the dots and follow the rules.
I have not got a degree in the world of sh*t achievements and I don't vaccinate rats.
I'm not interested in your crap values and your loving kindnesses, NOT INTERESTED!
I may not be polite with your husband if I like him and I may tell him the truth.

I don't care if you say that I am 'ill' or 'crazy' or 'too weird for words'.
I could look like your son; I do not pierce or tattoo or color bits or go 'bad'.
I am not always clean shaven and I don't always dispose of the yellowed tissues.
I must forgive and let go of the past and be 'reasonable'.... but I'm not .... always.

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