Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Pornography may be like cotton candy and not a soul destroyer.

I haven't seen vast amounts of adult films. Perhaps 20 to 30 in my life, and that's it. (Some Internet surfing for pics and free movies too). Not XXXcessive!

Sure, policing of this type of fare should be done properly ... no children thanks!
However, I think there is a lot of bantering and misconceptions about porn.

It objectifies the sexes and cheapens the natural act of human lovemaking, and is a degrading influence on society. I'm sure all these arguments have validity.

There is a certain side to human nature that craves chaotic, lustful, untamed expression. Let go of the reins and be free in your natural passions.

Personally, I've never found porn to be that addictive. Like a sugar rush it can satisfy a quick need and dissipate in a shortish time frame .... gone away.

If you accept your own sexual nature fully and not be harsh with your body's needs and don't tie up your head with love only .... then you may fly..

Peace Brothers and Sisters and relax yo' life .... Fatherspirit 'Ripley', last surviving crew member of the S.S. Nostromo ...... signing off (wink).

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