Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why do I feel?

Why do I hate her for being selfish?
Because she threw the newborn in to the flames.
This is wrong... I trust my feelings.

Why do I love him after he said 'No' to my advance?
Because I know deep inside that we are connected.
And I feel a love and do not hate this.

How do I know not to open this email?
How do I know that the path to the courts is wrong?
Why do I smile at him and feel his climax still?

My feelings are a mystery ... this is sure .. this is sure.
But I trust them. They guide me and I feel safe there.
They are not true ... they do not lie, they are rock.

Could I be mistaken in this? Possibly?
But I still like them and I still favor them.
I like to be love with a vision ... an image?
And I feel it inside me and I give thanks.

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