Thursday, December 11, 2008

I want Madonna to take me ...

You are 'gay' he said ...
Join the boys on the Sydney games,
And be proud of you ....
Whatever Sir! ... I dreamt of Madonna,
She was perverse and difficult,
Perhaps the sag in the concert shot was telling,
5 0 my boy ... you must know this!
Still, I want Madonna to take me,
And teach me how to be ruled ... for awhile,
She may undress me and use me on her schedule,
I shall kiss as instructed and not climax first,
She will be angry perhaps and I may cry like a babe,
She may dress me up in her pointed bras and silly attire,
I might be scared and my body may tremble ..... with desire
and with a keen fear of the crazy famous goddesses.

You are 'gay' she said ... remember your identity,
You may marry like Sir Elton and be a double suited frame,
Go in to the world with your male on arm and love him so,
We accept your pink leanings and your 'gayness'!

But I want Madonna to take me ... her music on your stereo?
You must be a man's man .... too right lads! BUTTTTTTTT,
I want Madonna to take me ...
(sotto voce ... and f*ck my brains out!!)

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