Tuesday, December 9, 2008

But he beat you ....

His anger was hard and it came like a thunderclap,
He read what you stated and snarled loudly,
You had undressed him in his own office,
You had been raw and physical and gruff.

He said 'No!'... he censured you and said so,
The armies descended and cut your retreats,
John Kiss was direct and emphatic and cold,
He wanted discipline for you and you just moaned.

You can not say what you please, but you did.
You can not force your lovemaking on him ...
But you did this and you pushed his limits,
You cannot hold John in tender arms and bless ...

John Kenneth Kiss is not a man you toy with,
He is strong and has influence and is lionized.
But even the walls of Jericho fell? Behind thee!
What vanity and ego, yet still you advanced!

Oh 'sinful' lad, you walked straight to him,
You looked at him, straight in the iris,
You were manly and unaffected and natural,
And you reached your arms and enveloped John.

He saw that you were not full of anger and lust,
He saw that the carnal facts were a cover,
A cover for your pain and your ineptitude,
And, at last, he smiled and was Fatherly to you.

Then your dreams were all true and he loved,
There was no desperate hiding and vaults,
He kissed you strongly in the full sunlight,
And helped you in to a state of natural life.

And your passions did not untwist with regrets,
Your longings were all sated and the air was fragrant,
The world smiled again and there was not anger there,
The lovers were championed and they filled the light.

I love you Doctor John Kenneth Kiss ...
And always shall.

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