Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is 4 d*ckheads

i hate tinsel
i hate the baby jesus ... well not really but still
i hate all that Aunty S something sends love and xmas stuff
Who da f*ck ... well you can xpect a phone call from dads
and mums ... who da f*ck, i is on a bender and don't eat
and i wanna have sex with the wrong type ... apparently
U see, I can't claim to love God cos i is not good enuff
U shall not be wid us in da heavens cos you kissed him and smiled
Christmas is 4 d*ckheads ... that sounds kinda harsh I s'ppose
U can do all that present stuff and eat turkey and crap toffees
U have my blessing and love even tho' i think u are jerkified
[ut the baby back in the manger and go enjoy yo' empty prize
Merry Christmas and keep a smile on, u may as well ....

(And a big hug and sweaty, gropey kiss to John .... Hell can wait ... loving thee)

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