Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is at about Doctor John Kenneth Kiss from Warwick .....

He works at the Condamine Medical Center and seems to be well liked.
I wanted to taunt him and give him a thrash.
He is kinda dorky looking but hell, dorky can sure hits the spot lads!
I wouldn't disrespect his family and would call the lady Misses Kiss.... maybe.

It all seems kind of crap you know. Be polite and mind yo' manners!
And don't like the married man, it isn't a nice way to behave.
But I do like the married man and the cops can keep beating the cr*p out of me!
Besides, I think that the stubbie half leggers have to go, so I'd rip 'em off.

Jonathon, look me in the eye ..... and smile a bit more. Go on man!
Now bow for the cameras and keep on shovelling yo' sh*t... we likes that boy.
You are respectful and you are a nicely positioned role modeler.
And I just wanna mess yo' hair up and rip the degree in half.

I am truly sorry for my rumored violence, I might have smacked you a bit.
And called you 'boy' and got you to bow low. Then I would have picked you up.
And hugged you to me, and been sweet and humble and kissed you with a purpose.
And taken you to paradise and given it up and spanked it bigalow!

But you said 'No!' (when you mean 'way yes!', a guys loins don't lie J. boy!)
Sexy B*stard!! x

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