Thursday, December 11, 2008

I do not want the boy in pink...

We are liberated now!
We march as we choose!
We shall soon be tied in two!
And young ones run to the car!
We have fought hard!
We are having a gay Olympics!
We do not accept that you ran!
Join us, be proud, be OUT!
Bisexual? A cover, a front!
Now you are straight? DESTROY!
There are new rules!
New rules for the liberated ones!
The world is happy for us now!
The time for the rainbows is here!
Do you like the eyeliner and Preset funk!
We are militant and eating your world!
We must have our own left, right, lefts!
Choose your man and dance to the tune!
Hip clothes, hip lives, or just me!
Being me, being me, being me!!
The world is yours and you can fly But,
.... 'I' do not want the boy in pink....

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