Saturday, November 29, 2008

Britney Spears is da sh*t! - Appalling, morally indefensible, and a complete delight!

O.K., you can take shots at me but I like Britney! If I ever had daughters I would fence off MTV ('Womanizer' is not for the littlies); if I ever had daughters, I would not be holding up Britney as the world's best role model and if I ever had sons I would keep some of the Britney pics (that snake shot spins my hid still) under lock and key. Hey, some of us can be 'stuffy'!

But the gal is a survivor! Britney played the world's most famous 'Lolita' at the tender age of 16, for Jeez sakes, half the middle age male world was getting 'gluey' over America's Princess at such a young and vulnerable stage. Tie the shirt up Brits, wear a sports bra and pout your way down the school halls ... one more time! Did someone whisper 'paedophilia'?

Britney has been used and abused and marketed to death by some of the sleaziest, money-hungry promoters in history. The ultimate 'commodity', the ultimate call-girl; tacky, inappropriate and 'witch-hunted' to the near edges.

And .... the world can't get enough! She was googled more than the Beijing Olympics I read somewhere. Britney Spears is da s*it! Hotter than Hell as they say! She sells magazines by the truckload, offends all the moralists and gets referenced endlessly ... by, well, just about everyone! You can't like this girl, you either love her or you hate her! (Disregard what I stated in the opening line, I'm allowed to contradict myself, it's my website!)

Britney Spears meltsdown, had Paparazzi waiting outside her home (at the time of the 'suicide attempt') because they knew that a picture of a body bag would sell for millions, her head was as bald as the eagle's and she still, somehow, bounces back and thrills the masses with new songs, new nude shots and 'sex' by the boatload. Britney IS da sh*t!!

Yesterday, I was in a music shop and picked up a copy of 'Circus'. To be released on her birthday and I had it days in advance ... some of us move in the right circles (he winks). Of course, I flicked through the album's liner notes and was floored by the hottest of Britney pics. 'The Firm' as they are sometimes known had transformed her in to a perfect Goddess! And yes, Mister tacky here, I was Hugely aroused! BRITNEY IS DA SH*T!!

You can get shot at in some parts of town for admitting that you like Brits but I can't help myself. Impossible to ignore, totally unforgettable, possibly completely irrelevant in the world of 'serious' social discourse and undoubtably the world's biggest star of the moment!

Marry me Britney! Who cares what Madonna may have advised you about not tying the knot again. B-R-I-T-N-E-Y I-S D-A S-H-*-T!!! xxx

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