Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today we didn't have to travel too far and we ate a quick breakfast of cereal, I guts out on cold KFC too! Then we left Gawler and drove in to the city centre of Adelaide. A quick look around and we fled to the Eastern suburbs where we looked at a garage sale and the shops.

I was still grooving on down to ABBA (a bit sad I know)and we slowly drove out of the city and followed the main road through Bridgewater on to Hahndorf. Back roads were our preference and it was amazing the number of times the Freeway kept popping back in to view!

Stopping at a small wayside shop, we purchased 3kg of Pink Lady Apples and two bunches of bright colored daffodils. Then it was on to our intended destination, the small historic German town of Hahndorf. A small, trendy village, it was shrouded in mist today and reminded me a bit of 'Hogsmeade', the small settlement in the Harry Potter books.

This town had small boutique shops, art displays, museums, bakeries, magic shops, candlemakers, and German beer houses lining the main thoroughfare. We happily explored the shops for several hours and I bought some chilli sauce, raspberry and rhubarb jam and, finally, my prized desire, a big piece of creamy Black Forest cake - Yum!

I got a postcard of the town for my former landlady in Toowoomba, Mrs Condoleon. Went to the loo and finally back to the car, where the rain was starting to close in again.

The directions back to Gawler were not that clear and we ambled through many towns, such as Balhannah, Woodside, Gumeracha, Kersbrook, Williamstown, and finally back to Gawler.

After a bit of grocery shopping, I put up one of my website posters on the supermarket noticeboard, we made our way back to our friend's house. I read 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone' and was enraptured by the magical storyline and adventures.

While dinner was being made, I surfed the net at and slowly made my way to the #1 position on my team, TruPartners, for the second week running! Was I excited about this!

Lisa had gone to pick up her parents from the city, they had been on a bus trip to go whale watching, and didn't know that we were staying. They walked in to a big surprise and were really thrilled to see us again!

Dinner was hot shepherd's pie, followed by warm choc-orange christmas log, strawberries, rockmelon, cream and icecream. Yum! Then we sat around the table and chatted on about the old times etc.

I forgot to take my daily tablet and so didn't get much sleep that night, never mind, I surfed more on the computer and climbed my member ranking higher and higher, page 3 now! I changed my avatar to Harry Potter and Hedwig the owl and, Finally, got some sleep!

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