Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Rise and shine! I didn't have a morning shower as there was a $2 charge for each one! Water problems in this part of the world!

After a breakfast of fried eggs, bacon and toast, I took the key back and got my $5 deposit. Then it was on the road again!

I continued reading 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban' and nearly missed seeing some vintage cars passing us on the Highway! The story was very gripping, J.K. Rowling has put a spell on me and I now Have to read the rest of the series! So, Harry and Hermione saved Buckbeak from execution, much to Hagrid's delight! Then they saved Sirius Black from the tower and were dismayed to see Peter Pettigrew run off in to the Forbidden Forest!

The final scene where Harry waived the permission to go to Hogsmeade form, signed by His godfather, Sirius Black, under his mean Uncle Vernon's nose gave me a laugh! 'He's (Sirius) an escaped mass-murderer who will be keeping an eye on me!', Harry exclaimed with delight!

So, back to reality, we drove past the Nullarbor Roadhouse and continued on to the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight; $10 got me entry to the lookouts where I watched several Southern Right Whales frolicking in the ocean, with young! Absolutely spectacular!If You ever get the chance, make sure to come and see the whales at play in the Southern Ocean!

The Nullarbor National Park gave way to Yalata Aboriginal Land and we stopped at a rest area for a lunch of cold hamburgers and salad sandwiches. I got a hair-cut and we talked to a couple from Cairns, Queensland, who had traveled right over the top of the country and were on their way around the southern half of Australia! Shinook had a drink and we were off on our travels again.

I began reading a book by Deepak Chopra, a new age thesis on 'stopping the aging process' - Interesting, if a little left-wing! Stopping at the Nundroo Roadhouse where we filled up with petrol, then on to Penong and an extra 73 kms to our destination for the night, the seaside tourist town of Ceduna. We had made it across the Nullarbor; What a trip!

After scouting around the caravan parks, we decided to stay, once again, at the Airport Caravan Park. Only $45 for the night which is quite reasonable really!

We drove in to town and walked along the foreshore beach, then a quick stroll down the jetty at sunset; cold winds blew fiercely!

Dinner was crumbed snapper, chips and a chicko roll (which is an Australian institution - Veges, mainly cabbage, surrounded in golden fried batter - Delicious!)

After family 'phone calls it was back to the caravan park for a desert of boysenberry yoghurt and cling peaches, Yum! After some computer work and a hot shower I tumbled in to bed; Good Night!

... and That's Your daily bread!

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