Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today we set off from Australind, Western Australia (south of Perth), at 10:30 a.m.; dog Shinook was in the back with the luggage!

We filled the Suzuki up with fuel and drove to Collie, where we shopped at the local markets for apples, and I bought a second-hand copy of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" for a measley $3! I also bought the Sunday Paper and read all about the Beijing Olympics!

We drove for a couple of hours and had lunch of a cheese and tomato sandwich and doritos at a wayside stop.

Then I carried on with the driving duties for the next couple of hours and we stopped for the night at a nice town called Southern Cross (Located 357 m above sea level and 368 km east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway, Southern Cross can be seen as either the last town on the edge of the wheatbelt or the first town on the Eastern Goldfields.) The caravan park had an onsite van for $55 per night, so we took it. Dogs were even allowed in the van!

Next, we walked the dog part way into town and returned for a dinner of lamb chops and salad. I worked on the computer and watched the Closing Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics; Spectacular!! Roll on London in 2012; I am planning to attend and go to Wimbledon too!


Tomorrow we shall driving across the Nullabor Plains! .... and that's Your daily bread!

The Perth Mint Australia

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JoAnnZO said...

Hi Dave..
OMG... What a beautiful dog.. And your trip sounds wonderful so far, except for the skidding in the car.. scary... I love the great outdoors, the fresh air, the beauty, camping out and waking up to a beautiful sunrise.. Heavenly... The country looks so fantastic up there... Hope the rest of your trip is as wonderful... Can hardly wait to see tomorrows entry...
Have fun fun fun...

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