Sunday, August 3, 2008

Feeding The Hungry!

I sometimes wonder about the 'fad' of Celebrity charity works!

Whether it be Madonna or Oprah Winfrey, even Angelina Jolie and her United Nations work, one has to speculate about the motives behind the actions of the rich and famous!

It would be nice to think that their activities are all altruistic and intensely humanitarian! But then, one reads of Paris Hilton jumping on the bandwagon and traveling to Africa to 'do her bit'!

Call me a cynic, but I think that many of Hollywood's 'finest' are in it for a bit more publicity and 'brownie points' to add to their portfolios!

It would be interesting to see those, like the above-mentioned, going without luxuries and high pay-packets for several weeks and forced to live on the meager rations like that of the poor of this world!

I'm sure that many of the 'big names' wouldn't last a minute under these deprived circumstances'!

And that's Your daily bread!

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