Sunday, August 3, 2008


I was really appalled to read in the press, stories that were comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler!

Personally, I can't see any resemblance between the two whatsoever! What really offended me about the reporting of the 'Hitlerobama' phenomenon was the fact that those making the comparisons were not taking the individual differences between the two men into account!

To start with, Barack Obama has not spent time as the leader of his nation as yet! He is only 'in the running', as it were and has not had time to prove his mettle! And who knows, perhaps John McCain will steal the show, but it will be unlikely that the global media will be comparing Mr McCain with Adolf!

When You think about it, dear John is much more like Hitler than Barack Obama is! McCain leans to the right quite markedly (like all 'typical' Republicans!)

Nazi Germany is far removed from the likes of the Democrat Political Party! Like day is to night in fact!

I for one can't wait for this whole 'Hitlerobama' fiasco to die down! It is morally 'dodgy' and very unflattering to Obama!

What next, will they be comparing Hilary Clinton to Madonna!? Or Jesus to Idi Amin!?
Crazy times we live in!

And that's Your daily bread!

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