Thursday, August 28, 2008


After a breakfast of cereal, yoghurt and fruit, we bade farewell to Ceduna. We drove through several little towns, such as Wirrulla and Cungena before stopping at Poochera; (for some reason, the name of this town reminds me of that silly Simpsons cartoon dog character, 'Poochie'!)

When we got to Minnipa, we took a detour to Pildappa Rock, and spent 45 minutes climbing and exploring here; the view over farmlands was great! After some peppermint chip chocolate and a drink, we headed off again.

Another hour or so and it was time for lunch. Pokedinny Park, near Kyancutta was where we stopped for a feed of Danish salami, carrot, chilli sauce, and cracked pepper, garlic, chilli, and salt sandwich. I had a cheese and pepper sandwich to follow and a drink. Shinook mooched around.

I drove for a few hours next and we passed through Koongawa. A Father emu and His 6 young crossed the highway and I slowed down to let the family pass safely; what a site!

Kimba was where we got some petrol and then it was on to Iron Knob where we took a detour near the mines to explore this tiny town.

Then it was on to Port Augusta; all the way I was singing Elvis Presley songs in my head ....... don't You step on my Blue suede shoes, Return to sender, address unknown, Love me tender, love me true, Wooden heart... and so on and so on.. I even have the lip curl down pat! (Anyone who wants a Karaoke Elvis for their next birthday party, give me a call!)

We stopped at Port Augusta and did a bit of grocery shopping. I wanted to buy a Harry Potter book and ABBA C.D. but was unable to! Drats and double drats! After another fuel stop, I bought a Cappuccino Colombian Chocolate Magnum Ice-cream; Heaven!! :-)

We headed off for the Flinders Ranges; they were green with grass, which is very unusual! Lambs frolicked on the slopes as we headed into the mountains. Now I had ABBA's 'S.O.S.' on my mind and I sang heartily! (I'd seen the film 'Mamma Mia' not too long ago; Loved it!) 'Can You hear me darling, can You hear me? S.O.S.... the love You gave me nothing else can save me, S.O.S... When You're gone, how can I even try to go on, when You're gone....... ' Move over ABBA!!

We got to Wilmington, a small village in a sea of green paddocks and drove to the Beautiful Valley Caravan Park. 'No Onsite Vans', said the owner, but I pointed out that their website said '$25 per night, plus $5 for each extra person' so the very nice owner let us have a Cabin for this price! Excellent!

Next we walked Shinook through the forest and saw a cute bunny hopping past; Shinook wanted to make it Her dinner! Back to the cabin, where I had an email waiting for me from the A.B.C. (Television station), that stated they were willing to help me find my Father, Michael Gibson. I was very excited about this!

After a dinner of sausages, salad, and bread, I had a hot shower and surfed my heart out at My ranking of #4 needed to be improved upon and I was hoping to win some bonus tokens this week for finishing in the Top 500 surfers! My team is called TruPartners, they are a Grand bunch! :-)

.. and That's Your daily bread!

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