Thursday, August 7, 2008

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Name: Fatherspirit Bond
Status: OOHeaven (the eyes of the Queen).
Occupation: Part-time dilettante and allround Starf*cker! x

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An astonishing fact: it has been only 36 weeks since Fatherspirit first logged onto ICON. Two hundred and fifty-two days. 6,048 hours. That's it.

Hundreds of postings later (and countless responses, including 500 Confession entries, about 1.984127 a day, if you want to get technical about it), months at the number one ranking and endless yackety-yack! (wink); it's hard to imagine what the landscape of ICON would look like without him.

What would have happened if this one Southern (hemisphere) belle had decided to be a doctor or lawyer or schoolteacher instead of becoming the biggest pain in da ass of all-time on ICON?

When a then-'sixteen' year-old Fadda debuted on ICON dressed in a naughtied-up schoolgirl uniform, no one could have guesed that 'she' would make such an immediate and lasting impact.

You want proof that this gal ain't no flash in the pan? There is perhaps no greater testament to Fatherspirit's cultural significance - no better symbolic flipping-of-the-bird to naysayers - than the sheer existence of this Confession.

From 'her' coy, bubblegum beginnings with a strange posting on the Dusseldorf thread on the main boards to the sophisticated, techno-groovalicious language of the latter Confession postings and competitions, this collection of writings demonstrates exactly how F.S. has grown up and grown into 'her' larger-than-life persona with the eyes of the world studying and analyzing 'her' every word.

All in just 36 weeks. Ponder this: how would you have occupied your time without Fatherspirit? Just think how much more work you could have gotten done if you weren't spending so many hours obsessing about the question that seems to arise every single time the Father logs onto ICON: "What has the crazy sonofabitch gone and done now?"

As a journalist who has interviewed and written about Fatherspirit on numerous occasions, I've lost track of how many times some tabloid-style ICON obsessed fan has asked me to come and talk about whether our dear Confessional princess has "taken it too far this time."

No matter what it was - whether it was a scandalously revealing board posting or who F.S. was dating (or not dating) or some finger stuck up at the ICON Mafia who constantly hound the poor dear; the question was the same: "Has Fatherspirit gone too far?"

The question itself totally misses the point. The job of any major 'entertainer' - any of the ones whose legacies loom large, from the Beatles to Madonna, Elvis to Michael Jackson - is not only to be entertaining, but also to be provocative.

The more interesting question to be asking is, "What is it about Fatherspirit that holds such fascination? How did this young punk from Toowoomba, Australia become the object of such desire, speculation and adoration?"

Fans and foes alike have been intent on figuring out whether F.S. is an angel or a devil-in-disguise. The answer is obvious, but not simple. He is both!

Spirit's back, tell a friend! (And long may he live!)

(Sincere apologies to Jenny Eliscu and Ms B. Spears)

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