Monday, September 1, 2008


After saying goodbye from our Adelaide friends we headed for the Victorian border, passing through the towns of Murray Bridge, Tailem Bend and Pinnaroo. The countryside was green and the Murray River looked healthier than usual!

We crossed the border and stopped for lunch of jam sandwiches. Towns we drove through included Murrayville, Danyo, Cowangie, Tutye, Boinka, Linga, Underbool, Torrita, Walpeup and finally to Ouyen!

Further east through Manangatang and then turning south to Swan Hill, our destination for the day. I read Harry Potter books and my head was alive with magical adventures and creatures when we pulled in to my cousin's house.

Nobody was home, so we walked Shinook and returned to the house. It turned out that they were home all along but were out the back of the house and could not hear our knocks.

A quick dinner of scrambled eggs on toast, followed by family style chat, a hot shower, and off to bed on a fold-out stretcher in the loungeroom.

Day 9

Up we got, another new day had begun! Packing, jam toast, puppet shows with the kids, water bottles filled and goodbyes said ....... we were off on our final leg of the journey!

We headed up to the town of Deniliquin (I thought this was where Ned Kelly, the Australian Bushranger, had once lived but I couldn't find confirmation of this!) Some of the back roads were graded dirt and a bit rough; we saw some emus and a galah hit the car's windscreen at some speed! Driving back to find the poor creature was to no avail.

I was reading 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' and was enraptured by the story! I wasn't so keen on the house elf character of Dobby, but I Loved the rest of the magical tale, especially the conundrum of Tom Riddle .... a.k.a. Lord Voldermort .... the dark one had returned!

We stopped for lunch at a little park and continued on to the city of Wagga Wagga; ironically there was a Wagga Wagga ghoul or ghost, some type of monster in the Harry Potter story!

We were all a bit sick of driving now and were very keen to get to Canberra, where we would be staying with my Sister, Her partner, and baby. Stopping just outside Gundagai for a toilet break, I tried hard to see the dog on the tuckerbox, but was unable to.

Passing by Yass, then on through Murrumbateman, we finally hit the suburbs of Canberra! Traffic on the road was not too bad and we got to our destination in good time.

After greetings, unpacking, a delicious dinner of homemade beef pie with veges, and a lime cordial, I did some computer work. I began reading the fourth Harry Potter Book, "... The Goblet of Fire"!

Surfed my way to #1 on my Trafficera team and a member rank of #140 on the first day! I changed my avatar to the Gryffindor Shield and finally got to bed after 3 am.

The big trip was finally over!!

... and That's Your daily bread! ...

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