Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dreaming Of Paris! :-)

Last night I dreamed that I was dating Paris Hilton!

In the dream, Paris stripped off {to reveal that oh so Fabulous body of Hers} and dived in to the deep blue ocean to have a skinny swim!

The paparazzi took several shots and She was completely unperturbed by this! That's My gal! {winks}.

Afterwards, We ate fish and chips and I ended up paying! {Was it really a dream!? :-)}

My Mother was not pleased that 'Ms Hilton' and I were an item and She voiced Her displeasure loudly! Paris and I were unaffected by this and We excitedly began to plan our impending wedding! .......

..... Then I woke up!

And that's Your daily bread!

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