Thursday, August 7, 2008

~ A Poem I Wrote ~


Deflation ...
that steady spiralling, downwards .... darkness .... falling ...
'Did You follow that snow-white rabbit into the depths Alice?'
'Did You not notice His artless wit and His temptation?'
Your curiosity was piqued!
If You climb from Your wrenched heartscape ...
Descend the marbled pagodas of hardened illusions,
Continue past those morbid Fates and find the Light source,
Then You shall find that quested for Salvation.
The dark odyssey will end,
The bleak fables shall cease,
The neverending night will break ....
and You .... will soar .... to Elyssian worlds.

Original Poem by 'Fatherspirit' - Copyright, 2008.

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