Tuesday, September 30, 2008

★ (3rd Letter To America) - The State of The States And Why Chocolate Just Might Be The Answer! ★

'ello, 'ello!

What the devil am I getting at!? Hmmmmm.......... I feel sad when I hear angry tales from U.S. citizens about their country; the repression and lack of essential services etc. Michael Moore is a two-edged sword; his genius clarifies and crucifies at the same time! It has always been the way that the biggest stars of them all will get the harshest treatment and the most unforgiving judgements. Is it karma!? (What would I know - just a 'dumb cowboy' from the outback etc).

But lets face it, there aren't many other brigher stars than the U.S.! And where does the chocolate come in to it? I'm an addict, not 'usual' for a man!? (My t-shirt has printed on it "see that 'girl'...." I sniggered tho'! ;-) I refuse to get bogged down with the 'issues' of life! CBS, NBC, ABC etc can scrabble for the crumbs! I just wanna chill and eat da sweet bounty! (Sorry, I get lambasted for my 'ghetto' speech in some cyber-quarters!) .... 'Where were you born? F*cking Harlem or something!?' In a dustbin on 5th actually, (is what I should say back!)

So, this is another meringue-whipped farcical epistle. Am a happy camper and I 'irritate' with my jollilities! ........... sigh! Someday I shall have a base in the U.S., I just know it, and you can visit me in my Upper East Side apartment for pyjama parties and l'il chats about fat cats and square Bitches! (..... 'ave lost the plot!) I want to make the quintessential feature film that sends up Manhattan's vices and rubs Woodie's (Allen) face in his own over-indulgences! (in the nicest way possible of course my friend!) ...... why Mia didn't just stay shacked up with Monsieur Previn is anyone's guess!? ..... how about a quick game of underage geisha girl sundae? (smack my behind!) ;=0

Gotta run - stacks 2 do as per!

Hugz and forgive my 'diatribe' .... you know you love it!.... whimper...


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