Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Homosexuality: Absolutely Wrong Ways To Come Out Of The Closet!

Is there a best way to come out of the closet when one is a homosexual? The matter is an extremely personal one and it is up to the individual and how comfortable they are feeling if and when they decide to reveal their status.

Some scenarios one would probably be best to avoid are:

(a) Announcing the fact at a busy family gathering or birthday party, especially if there is a strong religious faith present.

(b) Using the admission as a way to break off a marriage or relationship that is floundering. There is never a substitute for sensitivity and tact.

(c) Coming out in an unprotected public forum such as a T.V. show or newspaper article. If you are happy to accept whatever consequences may arrive from the decision then proceed with your plan, and good luck!

(d) Presenting one's sexual preference in an aggressive manner in order to punish family members for past abuses in never recommended. It is never an effective weapon in any setting.

(e) It is inadvisable to reveal one's status in the company of strongly homophobic or narrow-minded company. This practice should be avoided in order to protect one's safety.

(f) Revealing any information before one is completely comfortable with the facts, self-assured and self-accepting to a reasonable degree is not a wise move. Telling a close friend or family member to start with to see how it makes you feel is a much better method.

Finally, if you instinctively sense that a certain time is not the right one to express your personal sentiments then be reluctant to go against your intuitive feelings. It is a momentous occasion and one that requires courage and pride in self in order to carry out successfully.

Be proud of who you are no matter what!

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