Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Humor - 'Sin'!

'Sin'.... The explanation of the word itself is as much of a devilish quest as the countless and twisted definitions on offer; the meaning confounds, it teases and torments the minds of the masses .... always has ... stretching back into the shadowy tomes and reckonings of distant ages.

A slight against the 'All Powerful'? A disobedience that cannot be tolerated? A mere trifle magnified to ensure the ongoing power struggle? Wayward caprice?
Or something more? .......

Perhaps One should consult the Master whose domain apparently encompasses this Greatest of 'Vices'.
Old Nick, that wily Beelzebub, the Satanic Prince of the Air ....... THE DEVIL! A clap of resonant thunder, the skies ripped asunder with blazes and flashes of a sulphuric furnace. The horn, the tail, the trident, the glowing eyes, the impish cascade of mirth. It is HE! (Or 'She', if You can believe Meryl Streep's version.) So, Mister D. Ville of the realms, What, pray tell, is 'Sin'!?

The band strikes a tune, chorus lines of Satanic effigies high kick as the song begins: (cue smoke and fireballs for effect if You will).

The Devil throws back His feted head and croons in a smoky baritone manner ... (the lights dim):

'Sin! .... Oh, to have to begin, to describe an act of impervious din!
It is lying, and cheating, and fornication is in,
Yet to enjoy this Life You must do All to Win!
Twirling and prancing, embezzling within!
That grandest ...... that evil, that leads You to grin! (saxophone solo).
It is Sin! da da .. Sin .... Sii-iii-nnn .... It's S-i-n!'

The Devil breaks into a Las Vegas style tap dance routine ably supported by His scarlet sequinned minions. Cavorting and wildly jiving to the brassy rhythms.

(coda begins, as that swanky Lucifer returns to the microphone.)
'It is Sin! da da da da .. Sin ... Ju-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-usst SIII-IIII-NNNN!'
..... 'da na da da da da, da na da da dooooo-ooo' (lights fade and music softens.) 'That devilishly, deliciously and so fashionably in! .... It ..... is ........ (greater pause) ....... Si-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-nnnnnn!' .... bows allround as flaming velvet curtains descend.

That about sums it up Folks! It doesn't get much clearer than that! And 'Yes'! ... 'even I too have sinned!'. (raunchy brass solo ends with the flinging of a leopard-print g-string onto the camera lens .... fade to black.)

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