Tuesday, September 30, 2008

★ (4th Letter To America) - Yikes! Your Last E.m. Didn't Escape My Spam Filters - Strange!? ★

You sending me 'spam' laddie!? (between bread slices).

My 'dodgy' reference was me saying to you that I hoped you found 'cold comfort' in your fridge moving! It sounds slightly acid and 'snarky' from my part - didn't mean it this way though!

The Enron bit got dropped ('stern, unimpressed looks my way?') Not to worry. I just tacked out a really shortish piece cos it might be rejected and I can't be bothered to write books on a blog!

I've included a copy of my article (*) for you to have a quick squizz! (NOT worth digging I admit, and the copyright on it could be 'frightful' for now, but I kept it 'safe', 'clean' and 'appropriate'! Sounds like Ms Palin's sex life to me! big grins)

Cheers Champ!
Love your fuzzy wuzzy bud from Down Under!

(*) Article with-held for contractual/copyright reasons.

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