Tuesday, September 30, 2008

★ Letter To America ★

Thanks, (name with-held)! - for e.m. and compliments!

I chortled at your 'helicopter' incident! Why not 'moon' them next time!? You could have 'Free Iraq!' in large, red-lipsticked letters across your posterior! :-)

I was a big reader in my childhood and had great English teachers too! The reason why I 'escaped' in to the land of literature (and otherwise) was that I lost my parents as a child and was somewhat traumatized by this, so resorted to reading (and lots of it!) ..... oh dear, I have a scar on my forhead too and have an affinity with all things mystical and 'veiled'..... where has Hedwig gone and why can't I apparate in to the next room!? (apologies to J.K. Rowling!)

But seriously, my development years were fraught and I did mourn my Ma and Pa for an extended time!

Best to you Bud!

Love D.

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