Wednesday, November 19, 2008

America's 'Epiphany' -

Barack Obama seems to have set America (and indeed much of the world) ablaze with a new found spirit of optimism and re-awakened the 'cult of revivalism'. Anything is possible etc, etc.

Although I would class myself as a 'centrist' in my political beliefs, I have instinctively always felt that there would be an 'inbalance' in the overall reaction to Barack Obama's political fortunes. The left will naturally build him up as he 'fits the agenda'. Factions of the right will want to see him 'held on high' so that he has even further to fall when he, inevitably, doesn't turn out to be the political 'messiah' that America had been hoping for.

With President Bush now having been truly 'burned at the stake', his successor was always going to look like some type of quasi-saint even before a single day had been served in office. And that is where Mister Obama may begin to unravel. To be fair, the man is largely untried and untested. His rhetoric has appealed to an overwhelming portion of the American public, and if you can believe all the hooplah and grandstanding, you could be forgiven for thinking that the man has already pulled America 'out of the ashes'.

I would be most reluctant to criticize Barack Obama at such an early stage, yet, on the other hand, I refuse to join in with the Hollywood style revelry and hero 'chantings' that have been taking much of the world by storm.

Recently, I was stopped in the street by a young lady who was doing some public promoting of a well-known charity and one of the first things she said to me was 'anything is possible in life, look,
America has now elected a black President'. I felt distinctly uncomfortable at the reference and came to the conclusion that the Obama 'race card' will be played again and again, wherever one turns.

Frankly, I couldn't give one whip if I am accused of being 'anti-black' or 'rascist', I will not personally endorse Mister Obama until he has proven his mettle as a successful leader with a solid political track record.

May God always bless him and his family.

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